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Nokia 9300i problems

Hello. I got a Nokia 9300i (new version of the 9500) about a month ago and I'm having lots of problems setting it up. The manual is useless ("To send a message, click Send Message"... and nothing about "If your message doesn't send, try XYZ..."), as is my phone provider, so before taking time off work to visit the engineers I thought I'd try the power of LJ, and found this community.

My problems:
1. Getting numbers off my old phone (Nokia 6310) onto the new one. I backed up the old phone previously onto my WinXP machine, and transferred the SIM card. However if I try putting the backup from the PC onto the new phone it says "This is a different phone" - duh! The new Nokia smartsuite software isn't compatible with the old phone and the old software not with the new one, I think.
2. The sim contacts appear if I look through my address book (via the outside of the phone or via the inside), BUT if I get a text or call, it won't display their name. If I write a text on the numberpad it will then let me look up a name to send it to, but if I type it on the inside and enter a name to send the message to, it says the name doesn't exist. If I enter the number, use it and save it as their name, the next time I try it complains there are multiple entries with the same name. Help???

3. Interactive buttons on webpages don't work and apparently I need to turn on/off Javascript. How? Should I download an LJ client and if so which one?
4. Ability to send emails - is it not possible to send a text message to someone else's email account, or do I have to set up my own email? If so, what settings do I need to provide apart from POP3 and SMTP details?
5. Allegedly the Document program is compatible with MS Office, but when I sent files I'd written on the phone to my PC and opened them in Word, the formatting is screwed. If I open them as a text only file I at least find the text but returns are replaced by garbage. Help?

Finally, the sodding thing doesn't vibrate, which is crap for a business phone and even more so if you're deaf! Anyone know if you can still buy phone vibrating attachments anywhere?

Sorry for the long post - all advice gratefully received before I go back to my old phone and only use this one for typing on...
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